Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mitt says

That we should make an issue out of defects. I hope all of you who agree with him realize that, by doing so, you lose your ability to latch onto the jobs issue.

I mean seeing as the government is virtually the only sector losing jobs, you have to be pretty happy with the way your budget busting pursuits are going.

But you also have to answer the question as to how you feel taking away your neighbors job as the secretary at the counties clerks department because they had to cut back.

What are you going to say to the family next to you at church whose dual incomes were barely able to sustain their kids needs with sports and Johnny's autism when they tell you that he lost his job as a janitor and she was being furloughed as a teacher because of budgetary constraints.  They were wondering how to afford their health care prior to having to worry about the uncertainty of work.

And what about that sweet girl who uses the income earned from teaching your sons art classes. That was her third job after the hours she was putting in at her second job at the grocery store. She had gotten a decent job at the police station but because of their problems, she decided to go back to school. Her first semester went well, but a drunk driver with no insurance hit her last month and she has been dealing with rehabilitation. Unfortunately the force just had to go with the high deductible plan and now she is going to have to take some time off from school to pay some health bills.

We need to all realize that while we may feel like we are voting for the lesser of two evils, our choices have real consequences for our neighbors. And change has to start not with our presidential, but on a local level with your local officials, and local representatives. The choice for President should be clear if you are voting for community.

Vote your conscious. Mitt says we should make an issue out of taking jobs away from your neighbors at a time when they need them the most.