Sunday, July 15, 2012

How is it

that people want this Romney fellow to lead the world??

The Boston Globe provides more evidence that Mitt Romney is a…

Tides of change coming with fast growth

Mongolia , sitting on large amounts of gold and other natural resources has drawn a great deal of attention that comes naturally when you are the world's fastest growing economy in the second decade of the new millennium.

What started with Y2K and has recently seen unprecedented amounts of corruption come to the global economies is bringing questions about an uncertain future for the Mongolia people.

This article talks about the changes in Mongolia and what the influx of corrupt bankers means for their country.

After reading this I had to wonder about what the corrupt financial industry and the legions of ancillary corruption they bring with them means. Do the bad people of today enter new "markets" through the financial industry and then work on buying the government? It seems with wikileaks, the good folks at anonymous, and the ability for common folk to reveal patterns we should be able to piece these things together.

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