Monday, January 2, 2012

Turn off your televisions, or at least the news.

This is a funny paradox in this day and age but I found that there is a direct correlation to how informed I am with how little I watch the news and television in general.
I'm not saying I never watch TV. But I can say that I never watch the mainstream news. I made this decision consciously because, since the news is a show, and like a show their existence is based on commercial revenues, the content on these shows is based soley on the shows ability to bring in commercial revenue.
If you think of news consumers as a pie: fox chose the right, MSNBC chose the left and CNN decided to try and draw from both of them.  But local news is the same thing.
So I turned it off.
And I opened up.
I talk to people and read blogs and consume news on the web from mainstream media's online outlets. And I Google alot of things and read many perspectives.
Then I make my own mind up based on the values my parents instilled on me and my environment continues to shape.
I'm open to change.  What I think today isn't always the sake as what I thought yesterday. Or what I will think tomorrow. And I'm fine with that.
Politics and life aren't that easy. The news and TV in general lie to you like that. They have the vested interest of self preservation. But then again so do we. So I turned off the news, and started thinking for myself. Thanks to the interwebs.
I urge you all to do the same.
Let me know how it goes in the comments!

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