Saturday, January 14, 2012

They Can Try and Take our Freedoms

They can try and take our freedoms
But we will only take them back
They can try and hold us down
But they will never hold us back

Each time they knock us down
We raise again
Just as they think we've lost our fight
We just start to begin

The long journey ahead 
Can't begin without a win
This road we are all travelling
Begins and ends within

Do your part to be the change this world needs.  There is still plenty of time left, but our time here only grows shorter as each second passes.  

The Martin Luther King day of service is coming up this monday the 16th, I urge you to direct action and do something, anything to help each other that day.  Lets start to make the world a better place, it begins now, and it begins with you.

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