Friday, January 6, 2012

The Push to Ban Corporate Personhood

Reasonable Solutions, a working group and now registered non profit organization, has made banning corporate personhood its main objective since being founded in November.  The Reasonable Solutions was formed out of the Occupy Philly movement as a way to bring effective change in a reasonable way to Philadelphia, and the United States.

After the Occupy Philly facilitators made it clear that they did not wish to honor the scope of the permit that was issued for them to be in Dilworth Plaza, which included leaving when renovations to the plaza started,  Reasonable Solutions formed because it wished to exercise its free speech rights, and enable the jobs that would have been held up  had Occupy Philly staid in the Plaza.

Working with the mayors office, the founders of reasonable solutions secured  a new permit for across the street at Thomas Paine Plaza and continued to work with Occupy Philly and the city to ensure that this protest could continue.

Within this, the Reasonable Solutions founders decided to make Corporate Personhood their main objective.  The vision of Reasonable Solutions is to educate, inform, and empower the great people of this city to become involved in direct action to be the change they want to see in this world.  Looking to bring back pride in their city, the Reasonable Solutions group helped with cleaning up our city and also with painting a mural with the Mural Arts program.  This direct action was a small way to show that we were serious about being the change, and we are helping to empower others to be this change as well.

But onto Corporate Personhood.  This movement to ban is growing, and more than a few bills have been introduced in the senate to overturn the Citizens United Supreme court ruling of two years ago.  There is a mass march dubbed Occupy the Courts that is going to happen on the second anniversary of Citizens United January 20th and much more going on.

Below you'll find some informative links on the subject!

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