Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Occupy the Courts' rally stymied in Manhattan, Occupy The Courts Philadelphia Welcomes them With Open Arms

Reuters is reporting that free speech is being stymied in Manhattan once again as the permit request for the upcoming occupy the courts rally that was to be held outside the federal court in Manhattan on Friday January the 20th has been rejected.

In an effort to bridge the gap and show solidarity among movements, the occupy the courts event organizers in Philadelphia reached out to those in Manhattan and invited them to join in their rally.  Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation and a beacon of liberty and free speech has been open and inviting to Reasonable Solutions, a non profit devoted to effecting the change that is needed in this country in a reasonable and logical manner.  Reasonable Solutions has the permit to protest at Thomas Paine Plaza across from city hall, where the Occupy the Courts Rally will be starting.  

Hearing about Manhattans unwillingness to grant a permit for a reasonable exercise of their first amendment rights to free speech, Reasonable Solutions immediately reached out to the lawyer representing the protesters, Gideon Oliver, and let them know they had a friend in the city of brotherly love.  

The press release for the event follows:

On Friday, January 20th, members of Reasonable Solutions join Move To Amend
in a peaceful rally and march to protest the Supreme Court's January 2010
decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. 
Meeting time and place:  Move To Amend, RS members and supporters will
gather on January 20, Noon, at Thomas Paine Plaza.  [1417 JFK Plaza, just
north of City Hall:  south side of the Municipal Services Building.]   
Marchers will not physically occupy the courts.  They will march peacefully
outside the courts and finish their rally at Independence Hall. 
Background:  The landmark 2010 Citizens United decision gave corporations
the same rights as citizens.  Corporations now are entitled, by the U.S.
Constitution, to buy elections and corrupt our government. 
Reasonable Solutions has joined Move to Amend and people across America to
speak out against this.  In a democracy, government should be controled by
its citizens alone.  In America today, citizens have no control.   
Who does?   
Through their unfettered access to millions of dollars which they can
contribute, confidentially to political campaigns, corporations rule. Our
representatives in Washington and locally can't get elected without
money-lots of money.  Corporations, not our citizens, decide who gets
elected and who decides America's future. 
#  #  # 
If you'd like more information about this event, or how to join Reasonable
Solutions, please call Randy Quinn at 215-571-5478 or email at

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