Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Wants to be President but...

Well it seems as if he is supportive of Corporate dollars in politics, or at least the idea of corporations as people.  Corporate person-hood is a very real problem today.  As I stated in a speech I gave at an Occupy the Courts event in Philadelphia, the supreme courts ruling stating that money equates to free speech in terms of elections gives guys like this the audacity to run for President.

Regardless of the overwhelming support to amend the Constitution corporations continue to spend freely in this election season.  We the People can not let this continue to happen.  We need to ensure that the peoples voice is heard, and we need to be vocal in our support of opponents of people like this.

This is bad news for the masses, because corporations, and his are some of them, are spending large quantities of money to get people like this elected.  It is wrong.  He is wrong to think that We the People are ignorant enough to vote this guy into office.  He doesn't represent our interests.  He represents the bottom line and his support of corporate person-hood epitomizes what is wrong with politics today.

A dear friend of mine shared with me a neat quote: "Keep your coins, I want change." That change does not involve people like this running our country.  That change includes fixing whats wrong in this world.  It includes amending the constitution to overturn citizens united.  Ban Corporate Person-hood.

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