Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Delegates for the 99% Declaration

I just recently was accepted and filled out my delegate profile to be a part of history that is happening on July 4, 2012 right in my home city of Philadelphia.

The 99% declaration has teamed up with the Reasonable Solutions Philadelphia to exercise our first amendment right to petition our government for a redress of greivances.

Please check me out by visiting my candidate profile and while your there sign up to vote.  We are going to be listening to you the people (as in we the people) to develop the petition.

The main reason I want to be a part of this is I feel it can really help this world in taking on the system and effecting the positive change that is needed.  I am doing it for my kids, for my friends and for my family,  for everyone ( I do consider everyone a friend) and I am also doing this for the non profit I volunteer with, the reasonable solutions Philadelphia.

Reaonable Solutions was born out of the occupy philly movement and started by a close friend of mine.  It was started to come to solutions to this countries problems reasonably and its core values are empowerment, education, and action.  The mission of reasonable solutions is to empower people to direct action through education and assistance.  The Reasonable Solutions group is a registered 503c non profit corporation and as such they are a group committed to support mainly through education.  My friend is passionate about life.  He's a mover and he knows how to get things done.  He personally motivated me to act directly towards changing this world, and helped me start this blog.  Twelve is a great guy who wants to make this world a better place as are the two other cofounders of reasonable solutions, Randy and Steady Dan.

They are passionate indivuals with big hearts, big brains, and a willingness to work endlessly.  Get educated by following the links in this blog post and please leave your thoughts in the comments section!  And they are awfully creative.  Check out the video they did to get the word out about Corporate Personhood.

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