Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long Strange Trip

I first visited the Occupy Philly encampment in its first week and I was altogether attracted to their premise and enthused by their energies.  This was real change in the making.

Its been one strange turn after another since that first week when I visited an activist friend who was attempting to get involved and take on the corrupt system that has become American politics.  We got together and sat in on the first messaging working group meeting and both of us observed some odd tactics being used by the groups facilitators to shape the movement.

These people didn't want to tweak the system, they wanted to tear it down.  And I believe in everyone having their say and I do not feel that these people should just be disregarded.  However I do not think that is the best way to go about things.  Either did my friend, and when the occupy encampment threatened to hold up jobs by trying to stand their ground at Dilworth Plaza, the Reasonable Solutions working group was formed.

The goal of reasonable solutions is simple: employ logic and reasoning to meet the objectives of the 99%.  People want to believe.  They want access to upward mobility that is the American dream.  The 99% is losing its ability to achieve this goal.  The reason they are losing this access is because of a concerted effort by the ruling elite in this country to do away with the common sense regulations under the guise of too much government.  A government that is to big is a problem, but regulations like glass-steagall were necessary and helpful towards keeping the bankers and the .01% from taking away our dreams.

But our eyes are opening.  The collaborative power of the internet and the hard work of the occupiers has shifted the focus.  The people are mobilizing against the tyranny that those with the capital resources in this country have employed to keep us down.  We don't want to tax the rich, we want equal access to the dream for all.  We want people to have the same chances that those people at the top had themselves.

Or maybe those at the upper echelons have always held the power.  Maybe, for the most part, we have never had true access to the upward mobility that we were promised through our constitution.  Or maybe we had it at one time, but through a concerted effort to destabilize and do away with the liberties afforded to us by one of the greatest documents ever written in this world those promises have been eroded.  I want them back.  For you, for my kids, and for everyone.

Lets bring back something we can all believe in.  Lets continue to build something and make this world a better place for all.  Not just Americans, not just a small portion of this world but everyone.  Lets get together.  Lets build something.  Lets create the new economy that works for everyone.  What a long strange trip its been, I can not wait for 2012. Its going to be EPIC! Join us in regaining for our freedoms!

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