Friday, December 30, 2011

Its about creation

The first time I set out to occupy philadelphia, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had been reading a bit about it through various blogs and media outlets, and I wanted to lend my support.  I knew it was an opportunity for change.

I sat in on the newly created messaging committee working group meeting and listened intently.  There was positive energy all around, and things were happening that I hadn't realized could actually occur.

I had been expecting something like this to happen for some time, and actually getting the chance to witness and experience it first hand was powerful stuff.  These people were sharing ideas and facilitating the process in order to develop methods and processes that were going to make change possible.  These guys were changing the world right before my very eyes.

And then a funny thing happened.  It didn't.  The methods they were using of direct democracy to establish a consensus based on what the group wanted did not fully encompass the good of the whole.  Behind the scenes things were being decided that were supposed to be decided in the group.  The American people weren't being engaged, and that was a problem.  They were still creating, but it wasn't by the people for the people.  It was by the few for the what?  I'm not too sure still.

A country of this size and stature needs a representative government to fully handle the needs of the many.  There are groups that have come out of the occupation that are working towards positive change within our system.  We don't want to just tax the rich and give to the poor.  It's about creating a system that works for everyone.  It's about looking inside yourself and realizing that when this system was great, those who had more gave more to those who could not.

We don't want war, and we don't want to fight.  We want our freedom and  liberties. We want to go home to our children at the end of the day knowing that tomorrow will bring better things for them.  We want brighter tomorrows and a belief in our system.  We want economic security for all.  We want a fair tax system that supports growth and does not benefit only a select few.  We want everything for everyone.  And we want this for you.

Its about creation.  We want to create the absolute best system for everyone, and not just in this country but this world.  We want artists and musicians to not be sold as a commodity and taken advantage of.  This new economy is going to be about making it.

Taking on the system isn't about tearing it down, it's about building it up.  Its not about how wrong it is, its about how right it was and how right it will be.  There are many good people working to create a new tomorrow that will benefit all of us; searching for reasonable solutions to the worlds problems.  It starts now. And it starts with you.

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