Friday, December 30, 2011

Banning Corporate Personhood

The term Corporate Perosonhood confuses many people, and many do not even know that corporations have the same rights as people.  But it was put best in a thread I read on facebook.  If corporations have the same rights as people, then Sam Walton should be in jail.  Because Walmart is a corporation and it is illegal for people to own people.  It has roots dating far back in our countries history and is actually an interesting debate.

Still confused?  As are many.  Here are some links to more information, a really good blog post on the history of corporate personhood over at the US Intellectual History Blog, and more.

the roots of "Corporate Personhood"
Reasonable Solutions - About the issues

Vermont begins process of constitutional amendment to ban corporate personhood

NPR: All Things Considered | What is the Basis For Corporate Personhood

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