Thursday, December 29, 2011

99% Declaration

A comment from the 99% declaration founder.  Left on the reasonable solutions website.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have at Our group has a VERY limited purpose. Create a free, fair and transparent election system to elect delegates to a National General Assembly in Philadelphia. Then we will fund the venue for the delegates to meet. On July Fourth, the delegates will walk over to Independence Hall where we will have speakers and a signing ceremony for two hours. That’s all we are doing. The delegates will work from March to June to create a petition for redress of grievances and then vote on the final document from July 2-4. We also have more information at We are non-partisan and non-political. Our board members cannot run for delegate and the delegates will not be permitted to identify as a party whether is its Dem, Rep or Green. All delegates must run as American citizens. Each candidate for delegate will have their own candidate profile and then on election weekend, people in each district will register to vote and then click on the two people they want to represent them. Please do not believe the nonsense being circulated by occupy Philly. Just ask me and I will answer any question to the best of my ability, We really want to work with RS and the City to make this happen. Michael Pollok, attorney for The 99% Working Group, Ltd.

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