Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 - If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Heres to bringing in 2012 in a happy & healthy way.  Find ways to help your fellow men and women in this new year.  Its what needs to happen.  If we don't take care of each other then no one will and while it may already be to late, just remember that you can't take all the stuff with you.  At the end of the day its not what you have, its the legacy you leave.

I am committed to leaving a lasting positive legacy on this world, regardless of how hard it is, how much work it takes and who is against me doing that.  I want to help you in 2012 and beyond.  Lets be the change.

 If I ever leave this world alive
I'll thank for all the things you did in my life
If I ever leave this world alive
I'll come back down and sit beside your
feet tonight
Wherever I am you'll always be
More than just a memory
If I ever leave this world alive

If I ever leave this world alive
I'll take on all the sadness
That I left behind
If I ever leave this world alive
The madness that you feel will soon subside
So in a word don't shed a tear
I'll be here when it all gets weird
If I ever leave this world alive

So when in doubt just call my name
Just before you go insane
If I ever leave this world
Hey I may never leave this world
But if I ever leave this world alive

She says I'm okay; I'm alright,
Though you have gone from my life
You said that it would,
Now everything should be all right

She says I'm okay; I'm alright,
Though you have gone from my life
You said that it would,
Now everything should be all right
Yeah should be alright

Friday, December 30, 2011

Banning Corporate Personhood

The term Corporate Perosonhood confuses many people, and many do not even know that corporations have the same rights as people.  But it was put best in a thread I read on facebook.  If corporations have the same rights as people, then Sam Walton should be in jail.  Because Walmart is a corporation and it is illegal for people to own people.  It has roots dating far back in our countries history and is actually an interesting debate.

Still confused?  As are many.  Here are some links to more information, a really good blog post on the history of corporate personhood over at the US Intellectual History Blog, and more.

the roots of "Corporate Personhood"
Reasonable Solutions - About the issues

Vermont begins process of constitutional amendment to ban corporate personhood

NPR: All Things Considered | What is the Basis For Corporate Personhood

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Its about creation

The first time I set out to occupy philadelphia, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had been reading a bit about it through various blogs and media outlets, and I wanted to lend my support.  I knew it was an opportunity for change.

I sat in on the newly created messaging committee working group meeting and listened intently.  There was positive energy all around, and things were happening that I hadn't realized could actually occur.

I had been expecting something like this to happen for some time, and actually getting the chance to witness and experience it first hand was powerful stuff.  These people were sharing ideas and facilitating the process in order to develop methods and processes that were going to make change possible.  These guys were changing the world right before my very eyes.

And then a funny thing happened.  It didn't.  The methods they were using of direct democracy to establish a consensus based on what the group wanted did not fully encompass the good of the whole.  Behind the scenes things were being decided that were supposed to be decided in the group.  The American people weren't being engaged, and that was a problem.  They were still creating, but it wasn't by the people for the people.  It was by the few for the what?  I'm not too sure still.

A country of this size and stature needs a representative government to fully handle the needs of the many.  There are groups that have come out of the occupation that are working towards positive change within our system.  We don't want to just tax the rich and give to the poor.  It's about creating a system that works for everyone.  It's about looking inside yourself and realizing that when this system was great, those who had more gave more to those who could not.

We don't want war, and we don't want to fight.  We want our freedom and  liberties. We want to go home to our children at the end of the day knowing that tomorrow will bring better things for them.  We want brighter tomorrows and a belief in our system.  We want economic security for all.  We want a fair tax system that supports growth and does not benefit only a select few.  We want everything for everyone.  And we want this for you.

Its about creation.  We want to create the absolute best system for everyone, and not just in this country but this world.  We want artists and musicians to not be sold as a commodity and taken advantage of.  This new economy is going to be about making it.

Taking on the system isn't about tearing it down, it's about building it up.  Its not about how wrong it is, its about how right it was and how right it will be.  There are many good people working to create a new tomorrow that will benefit all of us; searching for reasonable solutions to the worlds problems.  It starts now. And it starts with you.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

99% Declaration

A comment from the 99% declaration founder.  Left on the reasonable solutions website.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have at Our group has a VERY limited purpose. Create a free, fair and transparent election system to elect delegates to a National General Assembly in Philadelphia. Then we will fund the venue for the delegates to meet. On July Fourth, the delegates will walk over to Independence Hall where we will have speakers and a signing ceremony for two hours. That’s all we are doing. The delegates will work from March to June to create a petition for redress of grievances and then vote on the final document from July 2-4. We also have more information at We are non-partisan and non-political. Our board members cannot run for delegate and the delegates will not be permitted to identify as a party whether is its Dem, Rep or Green. All delegates must run as American citizens. Each candidate for delegate will have their own candidate profile and then on election weekend, people in each district will register to vote and then click on the two people they want to represent them. Please do not believe the nonsense being circulated by occupy Philly. Just ask me and I will answer any question to the best of my ability, We really want to work with RS and the City to make this happen. Michael Pollok, attorney for The 99% Working Group, Ltd.

What did you learn in school today?

I learned that Washington never told a lie, I learned that soldiers seldom die, I learned that everyones free, thats what the teachers told to me.

What did you learn in school today dear little boy of mine?

I learned that policeman are my friends, I learned that justice never ends, I learned that murders die for their crimes even if we make a mistake sometimes, thats what I learned in school today.  Thats what I learned in school.

What did you learn in school today dear little boy of mine? 

I learned our government must be strong, it must be right and never wrong, our leaders are the finest men and we elect them again and again, and thats what I learned in school today thats what I learned in school.

Making History

In my brief time within this movement, the first time I've attempted to become actively involved in much of anything outside of exercising my right to vote each year, I've learned a great deal.

The number one thing I learned is that of the power of the people.  There are many great people in many great places throughout this country and indeed this world.  Those people are willing to stand up for what they believe in.  And no, that doesn't mean grabbing your gun and joining your fellow man to stand up against oppression.  While having the threat of armed violence certainly does a great deal, it does not achieve what peaceful activism itself can.

People are waking up.  I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.  Sure there was the protests at the Republican National Convention here in 2000, and I got to witness the WTO protests in Seattle from afar, but that is through the skewed eyes of the media, who often times don't see things in the same ways that you and I do.

There are many hardworking individuals with real jobs and real lives giving their every spare minute to bring back access to the American dream that somehow has been lost for so many.

They are making history and it is important that we take heed.  There comes a time in life when people must realize that the stuff they are watching on tv is just an image, a man made creation of things they think you will like.  People need to awaken to the fact that there are things going on outside right this very moment that are changing history.  You too can be a part of it, we need you to be a part of it.  If there was ever a moment the time is now.  Stand up and peacefully assemble.  Stand up for your rights.  Stand up and walk with your fellow man to show we are not going to sit idly by and watch our lives on tv, that we are cognizant of our manifest destiny and we are ready to fix this world.

Lets work together to create and build something special.  We have the ability to make a new and bring back the greatness we were all once afforded.  It will take work.  It won't be easy, but everyone will benefit, and we will make this world a better place!

This land is your Land

Woody Guthrie singing what should be our national anthem.  "This land was made for you and me."

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reasonable Solutions

At the reasonable solutions meeting tonight we are talking about whether to endorse the 99% declaration.

It seems like good things are happening, with much being discussed about the upcoming national general assembly July fourth in Philly.

Reasonable solutions is going to endorse the 99% declaration and offer support services. We want to work together to ensure that maximum benefit is had by the 99%.

Not only does it give access to the 99% declaration,  but it also gives the 99% declaration the support of reasonable solutions in the city. The synergies through the connection will provide maximum benefit to the 99% and allow us to help each other help you.

Occupy Philadelphia and Religious Activism

Of Etrogs and Tomatoes: A Sukkot Story from Dog, Pig, and Wise Horse on Vimeo.

An interesting story of Religious Activism within the Occupy Philly movement.


Long Strange Trip

I first visited the Occupy Philly encampment in its first week and I was altogether attracted to their premise and enthused by their energies.  This was real change in the making.

Its been one strange turn after another since that first week when I visited an activist friend who was attempting to get involved and take on the corrupt system that has become American politics.  We got together and sat in on the first messaging working group meeting and both of us observed some odd tactics being used by the groups facilitators to shape the movement.

These people didn't want to tweak the system, they wanted to tear it down.  And I believe in everyone having their say and I do not feel that these people should just be disregarded.  However I do not think that is the best way to go about things.  Either did my friend, and when the occupy encampment threatened to hold up jobs by trying to stand their ground at Dilworth Plaza, the Reasonable Solutions working group was formed.

The goal of reasonable solutions is simple: employ logic and reasoning to meet the objectives of the 99%.  People want to believe.  They want access to upward mobility that is the American dream.  The 99% is losing its ability to achieve this goal.  The reason they are losing this access is because of a concerted effort by the ruling elite in this country to do away with the common sense regulations under the guise of too much government.  A government that is to big is a problem, but regulations like glass-steagall were necessary and helpful towards keeping the bankers and the .01% from taking away our dreams.

But our eyes are opening.  The collaborative power of the internet and the hard work of the occupiers has shifted the focus.  The people are mobilizing against the tyranny that those with the capital resources in this country have employed to keep us down.  We don't want to tax the rich, we want equal access to the dream for all.  We want people to have the same chances that those people at the top had themselves.

Or maybe those at the upper echelons have always held the power.  Maybe, for the most part, we have never had true access to the upward mobility that we were promised through our constitution.  Or maybe we had it at one time, but through a concerted effort to destabilize and do away with the liberties afforded to us by one of the greatest documents ever written in this world those promises have been eroded.  I want them back.  For you, for my kids, and for everyone.

Lets bring back something we can all believe in.  Lets continue to build something and make this world a better place for all.  Not just Americans, not just a small portion of this world but everyone.  Lets get together.  Lets build something.  Lets create the new economy that works for everyone.  What a long strange trip its been, I can not wait for 2012. Its going to be EPIC! Join us in regaining for our freedoms!

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